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The development lately of the FHYTOTHERAPY (from the Greek term “phyton” = plants), responds to a renewed interest at the present time by natural products.

The cultivate of medicinal plants is a tradition that arrives us from the ancien Greeks and Romans. That evolutionated in the medieval Monasteries and in their pharmacies, where the monk made the necessary mixtures of plants for the medicines manufacture .

The documentation reveals the existence of medicinal plants that give us the different properties of each one of them.

As consequence, one of our projects is the recovery of the Monastic Orchard (with a surface of 4.000 m2)

We know that the monks of Oia cultivated a lot of medicinal plants, hence we want to continue this work, as cultural and pedagogical element of the medieval Monasteries style of live and as important centers with social, economic and cultural predominance in wide geographic areas.