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The splendor of the Monastery finished in the XIXth century, with the Confiscation of Minister Mendizábal in 1.836.

The cisterciense community is forced to leave the Monastery and the State auctions all, except the church that is kept for the village.

In the XXth century the monastery passed continuosly from owner to owner.

His first owner was a neighbor of Madrid that sold it in 1870 to D. Bernardo Alonso and brothers; they rented it to the Portuguese Jesuits in 1.910 who implanted a prestigious school , but the State expelled them in 1.932 and gave the administration to the Mayor of Oia. This is one of the worse moments for the abbey in which many pieces disappeared

In 1.931, nevertheless, was declared of Cultural Interest ,owning to the Historic and Artistic Spanish Treasure.

In the years of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) the Monastery was used like center of retention of prisoners with around 3,300 prisoners.

At the end of the war, the Monastery is given back to his old owner D. Bernardo Alonso and brothers and they sells it to Gabriel Bouso and to his brother D. Daniel Bouso . These propietors undertake different reconstruction works.

The last individual proprietor was D. José González García and his wife in 1.973.

In the nineties the Massaveu group will be the new owner of the monastery transferring it, in 2,000, to La Toja,S.A. who wants to undertake an hotel project but regret fully it doesn´t executed.

Finally the 18th of November of 2,004 the Royal Monastery of Oia is purchased by Vascogallega de Consignaciones, S.A. Finally is established in August of 2,005 to the new firm Residencial Monasterio de Oia, S.A., being the current owner and promoter of a tourist and residential project.